Saturday, May 28, 2016



In case you've been living in a bubble, let me be the first to let you know that DOLLAR TREE ROCKS!

Before you think I've lost my mind, take a look around.  The internet is totally abuzz with all things Dollar Tree.  As a matter of fact, type the words Dollar Tree into the search bar of YouTube and you'll be amazed at just how many people really are in love with the Tree of Dollar!

At first glance it would seem as if this craze was mere madness.  People getting all cabobbled over cheap items that cost next to nothing.  It seems innocent enough, but could it be that this phenomenon is simply the result of nothing more than consumerism?  Are people looking for a way to justify hording more stuff?  Could it be that this fad is simply a way to feed a materialistic addiction without guilt or the need for rehabilitation?  (wow, it just got deep)

I admit it!  There have been many times I have visited Dollar Tree ~ oh, who am i kidding, a lot of stores ~ to fill a selfish need of retail therapy.  I HAD to resort to Dollar Tree because there was no guilt there for me.  As a mom, I often suffered from "retail guilt" when dared to spend $5.00 on a nifty pair of shorts that were on sale at Sears, but, let me spend just $1 instead and I'm guiltless!  Ah, finally a store that would allow me to indulge my secret pleasures of Washi tape and journaling without feeling like I was a dead man walking - deserving of a final meal.

While all of this may sound a little extreme (i have been known to exaggerate a time or two), sadly it is true for far too many.  I am fully aware of the number of people who literally are addicted to shopping.  Well, not just shopping ~ BUYING.  And for those people, Dollar Tree has become a vice.  This realization caused me to pause and examine my own motives and reasons for shopping so often - very often - too often - at the beloved "everything's a dollar" store.  Was I buying just to buy?  Was I making purchases to fill a need?  Was I wasting money on things I really didn't need just because it seemed to be a bargain?

Sadly, the answer to most of these questions was YES.  (hanging head in shame)  I had become just as guilty as the next person of excusing away my behavior.  I was quickly becoming an addict.  And my name was Deena.  (well, that hasn't changed)

When I finally got honest with myself, I had to broach yet another dilemma.  Would I choose to show the rewards of my prowess in my "haul" videos or would I refrain in order to not propel the notion of needless spending?  Would I take the risk of seeming like yet another greedy consumer setting out to fill my closets with stuff I would never use, or would I push past the trepidation and decide to help the masses who were in need of a guiding light in the midst of the madness?  I chose the latter.

Yes, it is true that the Dollar Tree can be a way for people to fill their homes with useless items they'll forget they have in a week, but it can also be a great resource for those who choose to live on a budget and control their spending.  And that is the best reason of all to shop at Dollar Tree.  So, I decided that if I could help those who were thrift conscious, I surely would.

I have found some things to be of great value at the Dollar Tree, and I have discovered there are several good reasons to continue shopping there.

1.  A great value for every day items.  There really is a plethora of everyday items one can purchase at the Dollar Tree and feel absolutely frugal in doing so.  Things like socks, t-shirts, cooking utensils, and party supplies to name a few.  Although it is necessary to pick the better quality, many of the items Dollar Tree sells in these categories are absolutely worth the dollar you spend because they will last a good while if taken care of properly.

2.  A Great Value on Food Items.  Obviously, not every food item at Dollar Tree is a great value ~ especially for couponers who can get great deals on food products elsewhere ~ a good many of them are.  And yes, while not all the choices at Dollar Tree make for a nutritionist's dream, there are some healthy products that can be found.

3.  Greeting Cards and Gift Bags.  There is not a person on the face of the planet who doesn't have a party or two to attend throughout the year, and the Dollar Tree is a great place to pick up those necessary "evils" (so to speak).  We all know that gift bags and greeting cards can cost an arm and a leg at big box stores.  And, with Dollar Tree having such a great variety, there is absolutely no reason I can think of to spend more elsewhere.

4.  Organizational Supplies.  An organized home is a happy home!  As I always say, there should be a place for everything and everything should be in its place.  I live and breathe on organization and Dollar Tree has many affordable ways to help me maintain order in my home.

5.  Cosmetic Items.  If you love make up and nail polish, Dollar Tree is a great place for you.  You can achieve a high end look for next to nothing.  Don't believe me?  Check out my latest tutorial on how to have a glam look with products from the Dollar Tree.  It really is possible to get some great cosmetic items at a fraction of the cost you pay at local drug stores.

6.  Stationary on a Budget.  While I do agree that pens, pencils, and paper products can be found at office supply stores much cheaper than Dollar Tree, there are some great values in the stationary aisle that should not be over looked.  If you are a crafter or planner, the Dollar Tree has some wonderful things that will compliment your collection nicely.

7.  Childrens Games/Toys.  Before you send Santa on a shopping spree for this year's Christmas stockings,  you must understand that not every toy is worth the buck you pay at Dollar Tree.  However, there are some really awesome products that children love and some great game ideas to keep your little ones busy.  As a matter of fact, we were able to equip our entire VBS last summer with items from Dollar Tree.  You can see how here.

8.  Dollar Tree Accepts Coupons.  Dollar Tree does accept manufacturer coupons and is even listed on popular couponing apps such Ibotta.  Familiarize yourself with Dollar Trees couponing policy for even more savings and smart spending.

9.  Seasonal Items.  One of my favorite things to buy at Dollar Tree is the seasonal items that come out every holiday.  They have so many goodies that help to display holiday cheer around the home.  And, they offer many products for those seasonal DIYs as well.

Granted, there are some products at the Dollar Tree that are NOT worth the dollar spent.  In that case you must be very careful not to waste your money just to say you purchased the item at Dollar Tree.   However, there are some super fantastic deals to be had there and definitely should be taken advantage of.  But, before you decide to go shopping, do a little self check.  Don't bring home things you don't need or will not use just for the sake of saying you bought them at a great price.  Spend responsibly.  When you steward your resources well they will stretch much farther than you could have ever imagined.

Happy shopping and remember, you were created for purpose so go be all you can be!!

Deena <3 xoxo

Friday, May 27, 2016



First of all, let me just start off by saying that I agree with you!!  It really isn't possible for me to be the mother of a high school graduate at the young ole age of just 29!!  Ha!  And yes, I also agree ~ I don't look old enough to have an adult child who is out of high school already!!

You guys are flattering me with the undeserved compliments!  {keep 'em coming}

Yes, it is true - I am now the mother of a HIGH SCHOOL GRADUATE!  Wow!  Just how did that happen?!?!  I still have not fully comprehended the magnitude of it all.

In case you are unfamiliar with our story, we are a homeschooling family.  Yep!  We are "those people" and we LOVE it.  Our children have never been to a public or private institution of learning.  All of their education has been done right here at home with me.

Although homeschooling certainly is not for everyone, it has worked very well for us.  As a matter of fact, my kids recently shared their story on my YouTube channel and talked about how they felt being at home all these years. { receiving the finest education money can buy ;) }  They told about how wonderful of a teacher they have had and how they learned way more than their contemporaries...  {okay, maybe i am putting a few words in their mouths}

The reality is that homeschooling is not always easy.  There are challenging days, indeed.  There are days when, as a mom, you feel so frustrated in your feeble attempts to teach them basic skills that they will need to function in life.  There are days when it takes all you can muster and every ounce of creativity you have just to ensure that they will be able to at a least spell their name or add 2 + 2.  There are days where both teacher and student are cranky.  There are days of frustration that seem as if everything is going wrong.  And there are days - MANY DAYS - of fear and trepidation as you wonder endless thoughts of whether or not you are capable of preparing your child for life in the real world.

On top of all that, there are the constant questions and criticism from those who believe they know what is best for your family even though they have never walked a day in your shoes!  You know the ones I'm talking about.  Those ever-nosey buttinskies that just ain't happy unless they are trying to run everyone's life but their own!  {if you just got offended you probably are one}  The constant barrage of innuendos and snide remarks that would make even the holiest of saints want to walk in the anointing of "laying on of hands" {and not in a prayerful way, if you know what i mean} can be overwhelmingly weighty if you allow them to be.

Now, before you take away the idea that homeschooling is awful and begin feeling sorry for our misguided journey, let me assure you that the good days and positive aspects of homeschooling FAR outweigh the bad!  The satisfaction you feel when your child reads his first word, the joy that fills your heart as you hear her divide how many cookies each member of the family will get after dinner, and the elation that overtakes you as you see their little faces light up when they "get it" cannot even be adequately put into words.  It is such a rewarding feeling knowing the you had a hand in all the "ah ha" moments, and the numerous kisses and hugs are way way better than any paycheck you can bring home from an employer.  {i would have said 'job' but being a full-time mom and teacher IS a job}

All that being said, watching my daughter walk the stage to receive her diploma has a deep and special significance for me. {if you are wondering how she could 'graduate' homeschool, watch their story on YouTube}  Her accomplishment and finalization of high school signifies that, not only did SHE do it, WE did it!  TOGETHER we accomplished what some days felt would be impossible.  WE did it!

Sitting through a high school graduation ceremony is super special for each and every mom. {and dad}  No doubt about it!  All the hours spent helping with homework, trekking back and forth to sporting events, and sitting through poignant parent/teacher meetings keep a parent very involved in their child's educational experience.  However, none of that can even come close to the experience a homeschooling mom (or dad) has in the educational experience of her child(ren) or the emotion she feels as she watches her child receive her diploma.  There is a realization that every single moment of her child's learning has been contingent upon her diligence to provide a well-rounded education that has been true preparation for LIFE.  There was no one else to depend on for her child's development.  There was no one else to blame when things weren't going well.  There was no one to relinquish responsibility to when she was tired and out of ideas.  It's was all on her.  And it felt good!!  

Watching my child achieve such a great accomplishment has brought a plethora of emotions.  Okay, let's be real.  OVERWHELMING emotions!  The realization that my life as a homeschooling mom is changing has hit me like a ton of bricks.  For the past thirteen years, my life has consisted of vowels, consonants, and ALGEBRA!  {okay, so whose bright ideas was that}  Every day my responsibility was tutoring my child.  NOW WHAT?  Life is changing!!  Yes, I do still have one more child to go, so, life as I know it won't cease to exist just yet.  But, my daughter's graduation just means that I am ever closer to changing life-rolls.  I don't know that I am prepared for that! {i am confident i have prepared them for that, but who was preparing me}

My emotions have been all over the place.  I am so proud of what my daughter has accomplished.  I am proud of her diligence to study.  I am proud of her desire to know more and her desire to step out into the big bright world known as THE FUTURE.  I am proud that she is ready.  I am proud that she is capable.  But, I am also sad.  I am sad to send her away to college - not because it will be education she didn't receive from me, but because it means I won't see her everyday.  I won't see those little eyes light up when she "gets it".  I won't be in on those "ah ha" moments.  I will only hear them over the phone and experience them from a distance.  LIFE IS CHANGING!  

So, if you ask me what it is like being the mother of a high school graduate I would say:  IT IS WONDERFULLY FULFILLING YET BITTERSWEET.

I know there are many more memories to make and many more life experiences to share together.  And I also know that every time something big happens in her life I will have had a part in it.

So, baby girl ~ go rock life!  Be all you can be.  Fulfill your destiny.  Obey God and walk in the center of His will.  He has big things for you and YOU CAN DO IT!

A huge thank you to all of you if you made it this far.  Thank you for sitting with me this evening (or afternoon) and allowing me to share my heart with you.   I want you all to remember that you were created for purpose!!  So go be all you can be!!

With Love,
Deena <3 xoxo



What a beautiful evening it is here in the heart of Florida.  Not too hot as it normally is this time of year.  Shockingly, it is very pleasant outside which makes it nice inside too.  (Believe it or not, atmospheric conditions DO have an impact on internal temps as well.)  I hope it is beautiful where you are.  Even if it's nasty outside, beautiful moments CAN be found if you look for them <3

As I was sitting here enjoying the evening, I thought I would take a few minutes to fill you guys in on what I have been doing to help my skin.   Several of you that follow me on YouTube have commented recently that you have noticed a difference in the appearance of my skin and that you have noticed a natural "glow".   So......if you promise to keep this between me and you, I'll tell you exactly what I have been doing.  But, it must be our little secrete, okay?!?!

Just a year ago my face told a much different story than it is telling now.  Last summer I found myself in quite a mess.  My skin was not happy at all and right out of nowhere mysterious little bumps began popping up and decided to make my face their home!!  What impetuous little creatures they were!  As you can well imagine, I was not at all eager to share living space with such obnoxious intruders!

I tried and tried to get rid of those pesky little fellas, but - to my chagrin - those nasty varmints did not heed their eviction notice!  They had planted stakes and certainly were in no hurry to move along.

That's when I decided to get tough!!

Calling in reinforcements, I discovered a new arsenal of supplies that was guaranteed to do the trick.  And, do the trick it did! least for the most part.  A majority of the unwanted, and uninvited, guests have departed already.  And, while there are still a few more hanging on, they are inching ever closer to the front door!!

Just what kind of supplies did this arsenal house?

I'm so glad you asked!!

My new heavy duty weapons are not large in number; but make no mistake about it, they are HUGE in strength and more than capable to do the job.

The products I have found to be very successful with my skin type include:

1.  L'Oreal Go Clean 360 Facewash
2.  Vivant Skin Normalizing Tonic Forte
3.  New Healthy Skin Advanced Hydration Moisturizer
4.  Trophy Skin Mini MD Microderm Abrasion Tool

**Click on the product for web link.

I use these products consistently and, as many of you have noticed, they are working quite well.  I have seen a big difference in my skin over the past few months and am excited to see the end results in the near future.

While I can tell you how well these products are working for me, I cannot attest to how well these products will do for everyone or every skin type.  But, for my super oily skin, they work great!  And when
I say oily .... well, let's just say if you stand in the direct sunlight you could fry an egg on my face!

If you would like to see my full review of these products and hear how I am using them, click here.

Thank you so much for taking time to sit with me this evening!  And remember, you were created for purpose!!  So go be all you can be!!

Deena <3 xoxo

Thursday, May 26, 2016



Well, it's almost that time again when we will celebrate the special men in our lives!!
It's what we have come to affectionately know as FATHER'S DAY ~ and ~ it will be here before you know it!!

Although most of us celebrate the dads in our lives all year round, it is super fun to take a special day out of the year to pamper them and make them feel extra special.  DeeVine DeeZine wants to help you do that this year for the special dad in your life.

To help you celebrate Father's Day, DeeVine DeeZine is giving away a very special gift basket filled with goodies every dad is sure to enjoy.

Bucket with handle
Utility Knife
8 in 1 Screwdriver Set
Sharpening Stone
Screwdriver Set (Mini)
Wire Stripper
Wooden Wire Brush
Wire Ties

This giveaway is open to everyone who wants to win this special gift for their dad, husband, or for a special man in your life that has been like a dad to you or to your children.   

Entering this giveaway is super easy.  Just follow a few simple rules and you're on your way to possibly winning a fantastic Father's Day gift.



1.  Must Be A U.S. Resident or Have A U.S. Mailing Address (Continental) 
2.  Must Be 18 Years of Age or Older OR Have Parents Permission
3.  Must Leave A Comment Below Stating Your Name And Why You Want To Win



DeeVine DeeZine wants to wish all the dads a very HAPPY FATHER'S DAY!  


Hey Everybody And Welcome Back ......

Actually, it should be WELCOME.

I am so excited for this opportunity to communicate with all of you through the blogging medium.  What an exciting way for me to express my thoughts, opinions, and ideas with you all.  I hope that you will join me in this journey.

Be sure to check back daily as I will do my best to have new content up and available for you guys.  Maybe a little quip, maybe some motivation, maybe a DIY, but ALWAYS some encouragement.

Thanks for joining this journey with me.  See you soon in the next post.

With Love,