Welcome to DeeVine DeeZine - a place to let your hair down and relax a while.

Meet Deena -  wife, mother, couponer, YouTuber, DIYer, and blogger.  

Deena was born and raised in Florida and, except for 9 dreadful months, has lived there all her life.  She is a true Floridian through and through and loves every minute of fun in the sun.

Along with the fun things Deena does on social media, she is also a homeschooling mom and ordained minister.  

Deena loves helping people every way she can.  She loves showing how easy it is to save money by couponing and also by recreating some favorite products by "doing it herself" for a fraction of the cost it would be to purchase the items in a store.  Deena also enjoys providing in depth customer reviews on popular products to let people know if they are worth the hype and investment.  Lastly, Deena enjoys showing the many clearance finds she comes across and the hundreds of dollar store products that are a great alternative to higher priced items elsewhere.

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