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What a beautiful evening it is here in the heart of Florida.  Not too hot as it normally is this time of year.  Shockingly, it is very pleasant outside which makes it nice inside too.  (Believe it or not, atmospheric conditions DO have an impact on internal temps as well.)  I hope it is beautiful where you are.  Even if it's nasty outside, beautiful moments CAN be found if you look for them <3

As I was sitting here enjoying the evening, I thought I would take a few minutes to fill you guys in on what I have been doing to help my skin.   Several of you that follow me on YouTube have commented recently that you have noticed a difference in the appearance of my skin and that you have noticed a natural "glow".   So......if you promise to keep this between me and you, I'll tell you exactly what I have been doing.  But, it must be our little secrete, okay?!?!

Just a year ago my face told a much different story than it is telling now.  Last summer I found myself in quite a mess.  My skin was not happy at all and right out of nowhere mysterious little bumps began popping up and decided to make my face their home!!  What impetuous little creatures they were!  As you can well imagine, I was not at all eager to share living space with such obnoxious intruders!

I tried and tried to get rid of those pesky little fellas, but - to my chagrin - those nasty varmints did not heed their eviction notice!  They had planted stakes and certainly were in no hurry to move along.

That's when I decided to get tough!!

Calling in reinforcements, I discovered a new arsenal of supplies that was guaranteed to do the trick.  And, do the trick it did! least for the most part.  A majority of the unwanted, and uninvited, guests have departed already.  And, while there are still a few more hanging on, they are inching ever closer to the front door!!

Just what kind of supplies did this arsenal house?

I'm so glad you asked!!

My new heavy duty weapons are not large in number; but make no mistake about it, they are HUGE in strength and more than capable to do the job.

The products I have found to be very successful with my skin type include:

1.  L'Oreal Go Clean 360 Facewash
2.  Vivant Skin Normalizing Tonic Forte
3.  New Healthy Skin Advanced Hydration Moisturizer
4.  Trophy Skin Mini MD Microderm Abrasion Tool

**Click on the product for web link.

I use these products consistently and, as many of you have noticed, they are working quite well.  I have seen a big difference in my skin over the past few months and am excited to see the end results in the near future.

While I can tell you how well these products are working for me, I cannot attest to how well these products will do for everyone or every skin type.  But, for my super oily skin, they work great!  And when
I say oily .... well, let's just say if you stand in the direct sunlight you could fry an egg on my face!

If you would like to see my full review of these products and hear how I am using them, click here.

Thank you so much for taking time to sit with me this evening!  And remember, you were created for purpose!!  So go be all you can be!!

Deena <3 xoxo

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