Wednesday, June 1, 2016



Say the word Dollar Tree and watch me smile :)

That's right, like the rest of you, my face takes on a brighter tone when the subject of Dollar Tree comes up ~ especially when talking in the area of cosmetics!!  (yes, although i try to hide it, i am secretly a frilly girly girl who loves make up and nail polish)

I have been buying fun little cosmetic items at the Dollar Tree for years.  Things like nail polish, nail art, eye shadow, blush, and lipstick.  But, in all my years of shopping at Dollar Tree, I have never purchased an "important" cometic items such as foundation, eyeliner, or mascara.  For some reason, buying foundation - the building block on which all things rise and fall - seemed like a moronic thing to do.  After all, could a "dollar store" foundation really provide the miracle working magic of a top quality product like Cover Girl or Revlon?  I dared not try because.............(whispering).... I am vain!  Shhhhh.....that isn't supposed to be common knowledge, you know!?!

Recently I accepted a challenge from my daughter who thought it would be fun for me to do a whole face of make up with nothing but Dollar Tree products.  (if you are interested in seeing how well those items performed, click here)  Per usual, when I am offered a challenge, I accept.  (well, only if it's a challenge i feel i can rise to the occasion on)  So, off to the Dollar Tree we went to load up on goodies that would result in a masterpiece.  (well, at the very least a cheap imitation of a masterpiece)  

We loaded up good! From foundation to mascara, we bought it all.  A full face of make up from Dollar Tree.  And the neat thing about it?  We spent just $12.00.  In the video I previously mentioned, one can easily see how well the make up applied and how it looked upon application.  In that video I was able to give some first impressions of the products we bought, but what I was unable to do, however, was give a detailed assessment of the products after some wear and tear.  Now that I have had a chance to wear the products and do a full test, it is my hopes to do that for you today :)

Because of my love for organization, I feel it necessary to begin my reviews of these cosmetic items at the very "foundation" of the list. (see what i did there?  brilliant, huh!?!)  I mean, what good would it do you to know how good a highlighter is if it's just going to fall off the foundation under it, right?!?

First up on the foundation list is the L.A. Colors liquid foundation.

I have to admit that I was very skeptical to try this product.  Weighing in at .42 liquid ounces, the $1 value seemed to be too good to be true.  While not quite as good of a bargain as the Sassy + Chic liquid foundation that weighs in at a full one  ounce, the L.A. Colors liquid foundation seemed to be a fairly good price at just a buck.


1.  Medium consistency foundation that is easily buildable for even coverage.
2.  Decent color range to fit most skin tones.
3.  Pump bottle for less waste.
4.  Applies well with brush or sponge.


1.  Light coverage.  Requires multiple layers to bring to a decent medium coverage.
2.  Greasy/heavy feeling on the skin.
3.  Breaks down with oil after about 6 hours.


If you have oily skin - or any blemishes on your skin that you like to cover over - this is NOT the foundation for you.  It does begin to break down at around the five hour mark and by the sixth hour, noticeable wear occurs.  It does take more of this product to provide the same amount of coverage as other foundations thereby leaving this as not such a great value monetarily.  However, this product isn't altogether terrible.  If you are in a pinch, or if money is extremely tight, then this is a viable option.  For just a buck, you can have decent coverage that will last through an important meeting.  Expect short term durability though.

Next on the foundation list is the Sassy + Chic liquid foundation.

Weighing in at a full ounce, this foundation is definitely the better deal of the two foundations on the shelf at my Dollar Tree - or so it would seem.  If the only criteria was cost per ounce, Sassy + Chic would come out on top.  However, value is determined by a great many other factors.


1.  Better value at cost per ounce.
2.  Um.........


1.  Thin and watery texture.
2.  Squeeze tube makes watery substance hard to manage.
3.  Limited color range.
4.  Extremely difficult to apply.
5.  Wet consistency that never absorbs into the skin nor dries to the touch.
6.  Wears off within the first couple of hours.


SAVE YOUR MONEY!  Even if you are in a pinch, this foundation is a complete waste of a buck.  After wearing this product with my oily skin, I have come to the conclusion that I would much rather just go Au Naturale than be left with the "look" this foundation provides.  I can definitely understand why it is the "better value" of the two.

Bottom line is that no matter which foundation you choose, remember:  You were created for purpose so go be all you can be!


  1. Yes I agree with you not wort the money on the foundation I was hopeful tho lol

    1. i was hopeful too....but, sadly, i was disappointed :( thanks for stopping by :)