Friday, June 3, 2016



As most of you remember, our kids recently participated in our state fine arts competition and did a fantastic job.  Our daughter won an invitation to the National Fine Arts of the Assemblies of God competition for her SONGWRITING, FEMALE VOCAL SOLOR SR, BOOK CHAPTER, AND SHORT SERMON categories.  (click respective words for link to the performances)  Our son won a national invitation for his digital photography, graphic design, and t-shirt design categories.  We are so very proud of them.

The national competition this year is being held in Louisville, KY and we are in the process of raising funds to get them there.  They will be representing our great state on a national level.  If you saw their performance and artwork, then you are full aware of how talented they are and how much they deserve the chance to participate.

The festival is being held August 1 - 5, 2016 but we need your support before July 15.  Please take a moment to consider what you might be able to do to help us.  Most of you know the struggle we have been going through financially with the renovation of our home due to black mold.  Unfortunately, this process has stripped us financially so we can use all the help we can get.

If you would like to help us out, you can do so in one of three ways (or in all ways):

1.  You can help by donating through our GoFundMe account.  (click on highlighted words for link)

2.  You can help by ordering a custom made T-shirt.  This is the t-shirt design that won a national invitation, and you can order one.  (click on highlighted words for link)

3.  Give to us through paypal by entering in the friends and family donation link from the homepage.

I want to thank you in advance for helping our kids in this way.  You guys are awesome!

Remember, you were created for purpose so go be all you can be!

Deena xoxoxo

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